Keeping Kiddos Busy During Summer

All parents have to worry about their children when it comes to having their kids at home during the summer. Finding enough for them to do is just one of the many problems but you also have to deal with extra stress that comes with having them around more once school is out. I have asked so many parents for activities for kids to take part in to fill their days that are fun and where they can learn.


Luckily, there are several ways in which you can keep kids busy during the summer and not spend exorbitant amounts of cash. I know that my kids don’t really care what they are doing as long as they are engaged and can be around other kids that are of the same age. I am the type of parent that believes summers should be filled with adventures, play times, lots of learning, and an all-around blast. The following are just some of the ways that you can keep your kids occupied during the summer months that won’t bore them. Not only will your kids love these, but so will you!


Planning Relay Races

Children playing sack race

Racing through tunnels and hopping with jumping sacks is a fun way to plan races that keep them so active during the summer season. There are products that you can buy for racing that kids can use to enhance their imaginations when playing. These tunnels are great for day or night and you can even set them up as a part of an obstacle course for an added layer of fun and excitement. You can even set it up in such a way that you can break it up into groups and make it a challenge for the entire family or even neighbors. Take turns, grab a referee and prepare for hours of fun for your kids and possibly the entire neighbourhood.


Playing Poolside

Picture of kids swimming with their mother

Investing in a portable pool is another way in which your kids are guaranteed hours of fun. There are big floats that you can buy that are not that expensive and can hold up to 3 or 4 people at a time so your kids can drift in the pool. Kids will really love floating around and there are many companies that have made models that are versatile enough to work for any type of household. You can find these almost anywhere from Sam’s Club to Target, Walmart to Amazon.


The Art of Engineering


You can trick your kids into education even during the summer with games that stimulate them with STEM activities. Some companies offer architecture and engineering games that include planks and creative structures to make them focus and think outside the box. There are also other companies that include dinosaurs, minerals, fossils, bugs, and more that open them up for discussion and also provides hours and hours of adventure that kids will absolutely love.


Incorporate any of these ideas and I am sure that your children will look forward to the summer months even more than usual!

Replacement Needed

The time has come to replace the shower head in my bathroom as the one we currently have is no longer working. As such, I have had to ask a lot of my friends to find out which ones are the best options available on the market today as there are a slow to consider. Considering my budget, there are a few out there to ponder over, but I also have a long list of demands when it comes to my shower head and I must have all of them ticked off.


For the best double shower head, I looked at several sites, and there were several that had a list of the best high-pressure shower head reviews that enabled me to make the best decision to add to my short list of contenders. The main purpose of a shower head featuring high-pressure is to increase the experience of showering at a level that competes with those in spas. Plus, you will feel cleaner at a faster rate and save money all at the same time.


These types of shower heads work with fewer holes for more pressure and a pressure chamber that forces water out at a faster rate. The added pressure doesn’t complicate pipes and with the featured spray patterns you will feel like you are in a spa environment that is comparable to the real thing. I love that I am able to save water with this option as water comes out at a greater force. Plus, for those that want to conserve water, you really get more bang for your buck and add less of a carbon footprint to the environment.


The following are some examples of great high-pressure shower heads that I highly suggest.





Primarily made of plastic and also some chrome plating, the A-Flow is made in a way that water spots don’t leave stains that are permanent. Available in chrome color, it comes equipped with a swivel ball that allows users to turn shower head angles as you wish. It is made in America and comes with 5 spray modes: Mist, Massage, Pause, Rain, and Aeration. For those that are looking to save even more water than conventional models, this is the one to use as it gives you a great showering experience that leaves you feeling great from head to toe. You get a fairly wide head radius with this model as it comes in at 6 inches across. A noted mode that users love is the ‘massage’ one that is so relaxing after a particularly long day at work.


As this option requires only standard installation, it is fairly easy to put together as it fits standard plumbing. You won’t even need any tools, as you only need Teflon tape to wrap it around the arm of the shower, and then screw it on the shower head. And with a lifetime warranty that comes with purchase, you can be secure in this product for a lifetime.


Vida Alegria 2.5GPM

Vida Alegria 2.5GPM

This is another version that is definitely worth considering, featuring a polished nickel color and a flow rate of 2.5GPM (gallons per minute). Made in China, its plastic construction means there are no stains from water that you typically get from chrome, with the silicone jets easy to clean. Simply wipe your fingers over and voila! There is also a brass connector to the flow restrictor and the water supply. Five modes come with this spray model: Pressure Drench, Power Massage, 2 Mixes, Drizzle, and Relaxing Rain. There is also a mode for water conservation, making it ideal for boats and RVs.


Users note that it is so versatile that it can handle just about any situation and has been highly recommended by previous users across the board for its performance. There is a water-tight ball joint made of brass as well as a solid attachment of joints to metal shower arms, meaning you can tighten and not have to fret over breaking and cracking. This makes it an even more ideal option compared to others that are available on the market. For the price, it comes highly recommended and you will not be disappointed. You will love it if you invest in it.

Chore Time Help

I don’t know a mother alive that doesn’t look for ways to cut down the time they must spend on a daily to weekly basic cleaning and clearing up around their homes. At the end of the day, there are other things we would like to do as well, and the easier and quicker we can get through these, the sooner we can sit back and relax. Since this is something I share with other mothers, we are constantly banding together to find out the ways in which we can get our schedules as efficient as possible so that we can enjoy other things in life.


Not only do we want all of our rooms to be clean, but a nice bathroom upgrade is something that is always great to have as it is one of the few places where I can take a break and have a long comforting bath. You would be surprised to know that not everyone knows how to clean a showerhead, but I think every mother should know this as it is an essential element to being a housewife. I know that there are many out there that hate the idea of doing housework and I am one of them. But when it is over and done with, I am the happiest person in the house and there are ways that you can cut down on the time it takes to keep your house clean and in pristine condition. The following are some ways in which you can get housework done quicker.



Picture of a clean floor


Cleaning can take up a lot of time, but I find one of the best ways to cut down on it significantly is by decluttering the house as much as possible as this makes it that much easier to go through the entire house with vacuums to reach every corner. When there is less stuff on floors, I can dust quicker, pick up items with ease, and then put them away. If you find that you are spending lots of time on mundane chores, then it may be because you have never thought to declutter and you might want to get started. There are even courses available that can teach you how to deal with these issues and clean them up as problems arise.


Lowering Standards

Cleaning the house picture


This may not seem like the best option out there, but I promise you that once you learn how to let go and not have a place that is absolutely 100% clean all of the time, it is that much easier to be fine with it all and decrease stress levels. Keep in mind that there is a difference between a cluttered house and a house that is filthy. If you vacuum once a week, maybe once every ten days won’t kill you. Instead of cleaning rooms regularly, you can always just clean them as they need cleaning. You don’t want to wait until areas are super dirty, but you should be careful and pay attention so that things stay in check and don’t get out of hand.